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California struck back at the Trump administration’s plan to weaken automobile emission standards on Tuesday, releasing a plan that would require cars in the state to satisfy its more ambitious fuel efficiency standards if the federal government weakens its own rules.

They are being installed across Great Britain as a part of a national upgrade to our energy system. Smart meters put people in control of their energy use by showing them how much energy they use in pounds and pence via an easy to understand In-Home Display.

The supply of cobalt has emerged as a potential risk to the pace of growth in electrified transport over the next few years.

Pacific Gas and Electric Company had recently requested approval of four cost-effective energy storage projects totaling approximately 567 megawatts, in a filing at the California Public Utilities Commission.

National Grid has confirmed it will roll out the use of its Ancillary Services Dispatch Platform (ASDP) to a number of services over the next year following the successful dispatch of fast reserve using battery storage last month.

Las evidencias muestran que la fusión educación y trabajo para un mundo interconectado y con estructuras virtuales será una de las transiciones más rápidas que la humanidad haya experimentado, y para la cual pocas personas están preparadas.

The U.S. electrical grid is really made up of three largely separate grids with puny transmission connections at the seams. These seams cross sparsely populated rangeland in the middle of the country. The Eastern Interconnection serves much of the United States east of the Great Plains.

As part of Information Age's Smart City Month, Jon Shende - Fortune 200 Global Head of Services within cyber security - looks at the future smart city.

MinMinas. Bogotá, D.C.  2 de agosto de 2018. Con la expedición de las Resoluciones 40791 y 40795 de 2018, este Gobierno finaliza el ciclo de construcción de la política pública que permitirá cumplir con los objetivos de fortalecer, complementar y diversificar la matriz energética del país.