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Nuevo impulso a las energías renovables no convencionales

El Gobierno Nacional cerró el 2018 con una noticia positiva en materia ambiental gracias a la expedición del Decreto 2462 del 28 de diciembre de 2018, documento que permitirá agilizar los procesos de licenciamiento para aquellos proyectos que busquen desarrollar Energías Renovables No Convencionales (ERNC) en el país.

AES Completes Record-Breaking Solar and Battery Plant on Kauai

AES Corporation launched the world’s largest battery plant paired with solar generation Tuesday, on the Hawaiian island of Kauai. This type of power plant produces cheap, clean energy and uses batteries to deliver power when it is most valuable, instead of just when the sun shines.

2019: Where can energy storage go this year?

After another record-breaking year, in which the US surpassed 1GWh of deployed energy storageand China began its programme of building flow batteries several hundred megawatts in sizeeach, we canvassed opinion on what 2018’s biggest challenges and successes were.

2019 Demand Response Outlook: The rise of distributed resources

Demand response has made significant strides as a resource in recent years, growing from an emergency-based program utilities hoped to never use, into a more holistic approach to grid management.

New data highway will bring Europe and Latin America closer

The contract to construct a fibre optic cable running under the Atlantic Ocean that will connect Latin America and Europe (from Portugal to Brazil) is now in force. By 2020, the cable will provide high broadband connectivity and boost business, scientific and cultural exchanges between the two continents.

10 trends shaping the electric power sector in 2019

From coal bailouts to batteries and wind and solar growth, here are the issues that will define the year to come. The electricity sector at the start of 2019 is in the midst of fundamental change.

2019 Storage Outlook: Utility procurement will drive deployments, analysts say

At the top of the 2019 agenda for many energy storage stakeholders is the finalization of new rules for energy storage in wholesale power markets under the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission's Order 841, but analysts say the biggest impact on deployments is likely to be less dramatic and more incremental: the growing number of utilities that are including energy storage in their planning process.

A Case in Point of the First Utility-Operated Microgrid Cluster in the United States

Siemens’ Clark Wiedetz offers a lens into the first utility-operated microgrid cluster in the US, Commonwealth Edison’s Bronzeville microgrid, a project that uses Siemens’ microgrid software.

Unlocking next-level consumer engagement and energy savings with the latest smart technology

Offering a central home energy platform with device control and interoperability will expand the engagement trend and deliver even better efficiency results, writes Google's Jeff Hamel.