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Ruff Chain’s core values lie in the assurance of data consistency, elimination of information silos, prevention of manipulation, and issuance of ABS in sidechains. In the future, their business scenarios will include property transfer and leasing, development of data transactions, asset management, and securitization. Securitization can be further broken down into: financial leasing, asset collateral, supply chain finance, and property rights registration.

Si se lo propusieran, los países responsables del 99 % de las emisiones contaminantes del planeta podrían estar utilizando un 100 % de fuentes renovables para cubrir su consumo energético en 2050. Todavía antes, en 2030, podrían alcanzar el 80 %, según la ambiciosa hoja de ruta que ha trazado un grupo de casi treinta científicos de diversos países encabezados por Mark Z. Jacobson, investigador de la Universidad de Stanford y fundador de la iniciativa sin ánimo de lucro The Solutions Project.

While decentralization is a defining feature of blockchain, it hasn’t changed the fact that the meatbags working on projects are social creatures. New technology allows us to drift apart physically while staying close digitally, but sometimes the isolation compels us to come together again.

As Tesla Model 3 production and sales have grown, I’ve felt more and more inspired to compare the car’s scorecard against that of other models. I intended to update my “Small & Midsize Luxury Car Sales” charts and report this weekend, but then got a bit carried away.

It looked like California’s power grid was in for a rough couple of days last week. On July 23, the California Independent System Operator (CAISO) notified electricity customers that it had issued a statewide Flex Alert, and was calling on residential customers to reduce their energy use from 5 to 9 p.m. on July 24 and July 25, "due to high temperatures across the western U.S., reduced electricity imports, tight natural gas supplies in the Southern California area, and high wildfire risk."

Advanced Energy Economy lays out the top regulatory developments in 2018.In December, we published a list of the top 10 utility regulation trends of 2017. With half of 2018 already in the rearview mirror, we check in on the top public utility commission (PUC) actions and trends so far this year.

The internet of things (IoT) has given rise to the smart home and smart office, with automated, internet-controlled devices like thermostats, security systems and connected home speakers. Now, urban areas around the world are investing in IoT to create smart cities, which are designed to improve efficiency and quality of life through data and technology.

Hay trenes que solo pasan una vez en la vida. Maimunah Mohd Sharif (Kuala Pilah, 1961) cogió el suyo cuando aceptó una beca para estudiar en Reino Unido. Originaria de una familia humilde de un pueblo de Malasia, sabía que la educación era el único arma para lograr un futuro mejor, aunque entonces no tuviera conocimiento alguno de la carrera que cursaría y que después se convertiría en su profesión: planificación de ciudades.

For most people around the world, cities are central to our lives and security. More than half of the world’s population lives in urban areas and that percentage is expected to grow dramatically over the coming decades.