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The global energy landscape is undergoing a major transformation. Attractive costs for solar and wind and emerging innovations like floating solar and solar rooftops are making clean energy a compelling proposition in many countries and improving the prospects for global efforts to fight climate change.

Esta normativa permitirá a cualquier hogar conectarse a la red de generación eléctrica local e inyectar energía.

In this final blog post of our Solar + Energy Storage series, we will discuss how to properly size the inverter loading ratio on DC-coupled solar + storage systems of a given size. In previous posts, we discussed the fundamental drivers for pairing energy storage with solar, the reasoning behind DC-coupling solar and storage, and how to calculate the optimal ratio of solar and storage for a given application.

As the national power grid becomes increasingly dependent on computers and data sharing—providing significant benefits for utilities, customers, and communities—it has also become more vulnerable to both physical and cyber threats.

Analizar las ventajas de desplegar gestores de logs propios, e independientes de la solución del SCADA, puede ser clave para descubrir lo que ha pasado o está pasando, e intuir lo que puede pasar, desde un punto de vista de ciberseguridad.

Un enorme sistema de almacenamiento de energía que incluye baterías de vehículos eléctricos (electric vehicle, EV) nuevos y usados se acaba de conectar en el Johan Cruijff Arena de Ámsterdam, sede del club de fútbol holandés Ajax.

Enel Group acaba de presentar su Enel X e-Mobility Hub, su primer centro para el desarrollo de las tecnologías de movilidad eléctrica. Esta instalación se encuentra en el circuito de carreras de Vallelunga (Italia) y es resultado de un acuerdo de tres años firmado con Automobile Club d'Italia (ACI) para promover la movilidad sostenible combinando las tecnologías innovadoras de Enel X con la experiencia automovilísta de este histórico recinto.

Until a few years ago the work of data scientists was isolated and mattered primarily for research and/or R&D purposes. The industry has been extremely thankful for the contributions of these clever individuals but we need them now in the mainstream!

During the past five years, electric cars have made an incredible journey, from seeming a bit futuristic and impractical to being something that you want to own. With prices having decreased significantly, the number of electric cars sold hit 2 million by the beginning of 2017, and it is still growing. The infrastructure for electric cars is developing rapidly, so charging stations in your neighborhood don’t look so odd anymore, either.