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The Inconvenient Truth About Renewables and Storage Lurking in Lazard’s Latest Cost Analysis

Financial advisory firm Lazard is out with its eleventh annual levelized cost of energy analysis. It shows renewable energy costs continue to drop compared to conventional generation. But the data is also a reality check. While wind and utility-scale PV can now out-compete almost any conventional generation source, including combined-cycle gas in some cases, the report also revealed that cost improvements for these intermittent renewables are diminishing.

Dónde están las renovables y dónde pueden llegar a estar

El pasado 7 de septiembre se celebró en el Ciemat, en Madrid, una jornada para presentar el estudio ‘Análisis de la situación de las Energías Renovables en España. 2016. Perspectivas a 2020’, elaborado por dos expertos que conocen muy bien el sector: Enrique Soria y Cayetano Hernández. En la jornada participaron también varias organizaciones empresariales: AEE, ASIT, Avebiom, Protermosolar y UNEF. Las conclusiones de lo que allí se dijo se han conocido esta semana.

Telsa, Green Charge Help PG&E Learn How to Control Aggregated DERs

Over the summer about 33 customers in Pacific Gas and Electric’s (PG&E’s) territory started a new journey with their utility. PG&E is hoping that through this and other pilot projects, it will learn how responsive batteries, solar PV and smart inverters are when they receive a signal from the utility.

Creating an energy diverse future

With each day there seems to come another advance in technology to enhance the way we live, work, and play. Developments in electric and autonomous vehicles, how we generate and use electricity, and ways to store energy are just a few of the innovations that are changing the consumer landscape.

What Is the Business Case for Energy Storage in Africa?

Energy storage projects are now under development in various parts of the world thanks to the reduction of the technology’s costs and its necessity to manage the electricity networks and facilitate the renewable energy growth. But does this mean the time to develop energy storage in Africa has arrived too?