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7 Drivers: How we think about the landscape of transformation

An array of emerging technologies are transforming marketing, business and society. Leading organisations are already engaged in exploring and tapping the potential of domains including data analytics, artificial intelligence, virtual reality and blockchain.

The time to fix IoT security is now

The Internet of Things has enjoyed a huge surge in growth in recent years, with businesses and consumers alike flocking to get the world around them smarter and more connected.

However, it is becoming quickly apparent that as well as offering a number of useful benefits, the Internet of Things could pose a lucrative opportunity for cyber-criminals able to exploit some potentially major flaws.

What will it take to keep smart cities safe?

“Smart cities” use smart technologies in their critical infrastructure sectors: energy, transportation, environment, communications, and government.

Making sense of Internet of Things platforms

In order to get value from the Internet of Things (IoT), it helps to have a platform on which to create and manage applications, to run analytics, and to store and secure your data. Like an operating system for a laptop, a platform does a lot of things in the background that makes life easier and less expensive for developers, managers, and users.

First Utility-Scale Microgrid in U.S. Enters Service

Ameren Corp. has completed a $5 million microgrid at its Technology Applications Center adjacent to the University of Illinois campus in Champaign, Ill. The facility is one of the only utility-scale microgrids in the United States that serves live customer loads on an actual utility distribution feeder.