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3 Charts That Illustrate the Impact of EVs on Battery Supply, the Electric Grid and Oil Demand

The result: a steep upward swing in demand for batteries and electricity, and a similarly strong decline in global oil demand. 
new report from Wood Mackenzie details the rise of electric cars around the world. It illustrates how electrification will bring a unique set of pressures for battery suppliers, utilities and oil companies.

Solar PV O&M Landscapes Consolidate Globally

When it comes to operations and maintenance, one might expect the oldest and most mature PV markets to be the most consolidated, but the latest report from GTM Research and SOLICHAMBA indicates the opposite. According to Global Solar PV O&M 2017-2022: Markets, Services and Competitors, Germany and Japan are the most fragmented of the top O&M markets, while Chile is by far the most consolidated. In fact, the top 10 O&M players in Chile maintain close to 100 percent of the PV installed base (residential systems excluded), as shown in the chart below.

National Grid finds an electric approach to natural gas demand response

New York's Reforming the Energy Vision is helping to fundamentally change the energy marketplace, with utilities looking to solutions that capitalize on untapped flexibility and efficiencies instead of immediately turning to infrastructure solutions. So far, the primary focus has been on electricity, and National Grid has launched a series of demonstration projects that include microgrids, "dynamic load management," distributed resources and other grid-edge advances. The utility has also proposed gas projects, and in many ways they mirror electric-side concepts.

Massachusetts awards $2.1m grant for energy storage development

The Massachusetts Clean Energy Center has awarded Enel with $2.1 million in grants for developing energy storage plants. The grants have been issued through the Advancing Commonwealth Energy Storage (“ACES”) programme. The programme, administered by the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center, have awarded Enel their first distributed energy projects in Massachusetts and consist of a behind-the-meter micro-grid and a battery storage system.

The new demand response and the future of the power sector

Demand response (DR) was once an uncertain offer from a few big power users and residential customers to reduce load when notified by utilities or transmission system operators (TSOs). But there are now more than 13,600 MW of DR enrolled by utilities and about as much available to TSOs. Utilities reliably dispatched 78% of enrolled DR capacity — almost 10,700 MW — in 2016.