Información sectorial

En entrevista con ACIEM, José Eddy Torres, director del Programa de Energía Limpia para Colombia 2012–2017, resaltó los potenciales del país para la inversión en Fuentes no Convencionales de Energía y los retos que persisten a nivel institucional y de reglamentación.

The potential of blockchain in the energy industry could be transformative. Over the past two years, we have seen a host of energy companies engage with the technology and launch pilots. Some common trends are emerging, but a lot still needs to be defined from both a technical and business perspective.

According to a new report by IRENA, off-grid renewable energy has had spectacular growth in the past decade. Capacity has tripled since 2008 and the number of people in rural communities served by off-grid renewable energy now reaches up to 133 million people. 

En 1948 se dio una conjunción histórica en el campo de la Ingeniería. En tres ciudades diferentes se fundaron los primeros programas de Ingeniería Eléctrica y Mecánica en nuestro país, cada uno con características propias y como respuesta a intereses que podrían llamarse regionales, pero que en su conjunto, transformaron la forma de ver y entender la Ingeniería en Colombia.

Mass electric vehicle (EV) adoption is coming to the U.S., and preparing resilient infrastructure for millions of electron-dependent vehicles is something we need to think about right away. The writing is on the wall. General MotorsFord Motor Company, and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles are all making big commitments to EVs, as are BMWDaimler and the Volkswagen Group.

During the second quarter, Frost and Sullivan (global market research and analysis company) released its Global Energy Storage Market Outlook 2018. The report finds that total installed energy storage capacity will grow 15.9% between 2017 and 2018 with the top six countries (China, USA, South Africa, Chile, France, and Israel) completing 1369 MWS of grid-scale energy storage system (ESS) projects during 2018. Continuing a recent trend, the costs of battery storage systems combined with concentrated utility-scale solar projects continue to fall to the point where they are becoming commercially competitive with traditional peaking power plants.

In the UK, Go Ultra Low is a government-backed effort (in association with automakers) to spread awareness about electric vehicles. Go Ultra Low recently joined forces with OnePoll to publish new research regarding the public’s understanding (or lack thereof) related to plug-in cars. It turns out respondents had a number of common misconceptions about electric cars.

La disponibilidad es uno de los pilares sobre los que giran todos los procesos a nivel industrial. La pérdida de comunicaciones o el aumento del retardo en ellas, no sólo causarían grandes pérdidas económicas, sino que también podrían originar anomalías en el funcionamiento de los dispositivos. Los comportamientos anómalos no deberían darse, dado que los operarios de la planta u otros empleados de las organizaciones podrían verse en situaciones que nunca han manejado.

The Massachusetts House voted 146-0 July 12 to pass H. 4739, a bill seeking to improve grid resiliency through energy storage. The bill directs the state's Department of Energy Resources (DOER) to study the feasibility of mobile battery storage systems if downed substations would need an emergency replacement, Rep. Thomas Golden, D, told MassLive. The bill makes a small dent in the ambitious clean energy agenda set in the Senate's omnibus energy package, which was approved in June.