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Re-engineering smart grid data post-deployment

The first part of unlocking that full potential is defining what the utility wants its smart grid to look like. Smart grids are all unique and should be built with each utility’s drivers in mind. Some utilities will focus development on a smart grid to reduce outages, others to integrate green technologies, to offer pricing incentives for demand response, while another utility might seek to engage customers digitally, amongst a host of other reasons. 

How digital reinventors are pulling away from the pack

As digitization progresses, incumbents competing in new, digital ways are already outperforming those that continue to operate traditionally, a new survey finds. Digitization is a long way from running out of steam, since the bulk of company revenues in most industries still come from traditional sources. Yet the results from the latest McKinsey Global Survey on digital strategy suggest that a digital divide is already taking shape.

Internet of things definitions: A handy guide to essential IoT terms

There’s an often-impenetrable alphabet soup of protocols, standards and technologies around the Internet of Things. Here’s our attempt to wipe away some of the fog, in the hopes of making the language of IoT just a little bit clearer. 

Microgrids and Electric Vehicles: How One Will Drive the Other

Projecting even further into the future, some envision a scenario where you won’t drive your car to the coffee shop, but hail an automated vehicle Uber-style from your cell. Your vehicle will be among those traveling from substation to substation, charging and discharging their batteries as needed by a grid of microgrids.

Get Ready for Energy Storage Combinations We’ve Never Seen Before

Battery storage is breaking into an ever longer list of grid-scale configurations, as new business cases arise. Every major solar developer has begun at least contemplating storage paired with solar, even if few large projects have yet been built. GE has already paired batteries with its gas generators for fast-ramping grid services; it expects the setup to prolong the life of the gas asset.