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¿Qué es el Big Data?

“Si lo puedes hacer con Excel no es Big Data”, dice Juan José Mora, CEO de Atlantia Search, para develar una primera premisa tras uno de los conceptos de moda en el mundo digital. El Big Data es tan grande como su nombre puede indicar. Si se mirara como una panorámica, se podría decir que se refiere al manejo e interpretación de grandes bloques de datos, pero si se analiza desde el close up, entonces se vería la complejidad que hay detrás.

China Faces an Uphill Renewable Energy Curtailment Challenge

China, with the world’s largest power system, faces an uphill struggle in trying to contain double-digit rates of renewable curtailment. Even though power shedding dropped 1.4 percent in the third quarter, compared to the first half of this year, “whether the curtailment rate will go back up again after new projects start commissioning remains a concern,” said Xiaoyang Li, market analyst at MAKE Consulting. 

Can utilities cut peak demand with price signals that give customers more control?

Electricity consumption in the United States hits its highest levels in a mere sliver of time — one percent of all the hours of the year. But those kilowatts-hours account for about 8-12 percent of system peak demand. These figures come from an article on dynamic pricing from the Brattle Group, which goes on to say that “even a 5-percent reduction in peak demand in the United States could lower consumer energy costs by at least $3 billion a year.”

City Energy: From Data to Decisions

The U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE’s) Cities Leading through Energy Analysis and Planning (Cities-LEAP) and the State and Local Energy Data (SLED) programs are creating case studies to demonstrate ways that data and analysis can enable energy planning decision support for U.S. cities.

Enel to Bid in Mexico Power Auction After Raising $1.35 Billion

Enel, the renewable-energy unit of Europe’s largest utility, plans to bid in Mexico’s power auction this month after raising $1.35 billion with a deal to sell stakes in eight wind and solar projects in the country in October. “We’ll participate, for sure,” Chief Executive Antonio Cammisecra said in a phone interview. “Mexico is a core market for us and the sale deal doesn’t mean we are exiting the country.”