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The idea that batteries have a ‘life’ is familiar. We’ve all experienced a ‘dying’ cell phone battery with its charge draining, usually at the most inconvenient time. And you might be curious about how this affects long-duration energy storage. To fully understand battery life, let’s start with a few fundamentals.

New numbers show the "beautiful friendship" between utilities and solar is growing and bringing the U.S. power system's transition to higher renewables penetrations along.

Pacific Gas and Electric Company had recently requested approval of four cost-effective energy storage projects totaling approximately 567 megawatts, in a filing at the California Public Utilities Commission.

The 2020 deadline to install 53 million smart meters in 30 million homes and businesses is unrealistic says the Bureau. A 'more realistic' target to finalise the replacement of traditional gas and electricity meters is 2023; and will likely lead to poorly undertaken installations.

The Maryland legislature passed its first bill aimed at promoting community solar in the state in 2015 — with a goal of installing 200 megawatts (MW), about enough to power 40,000 homes.

The U.S. electrical grid is really made up of three largely separate grids with puny transmission connections at the seams. These seams cross sparsely populated rangeland in the middle of the country. The Eastern Interconnection serves much of the United States east of the Great Plains.

El proyecto europeo NETfficient está demostrando que la autosuficiencia energética y la generación renovable distribuida están más cerca de la realidad, gracias al avance de las tecnologías de almacenamiento y los sistemas TI basados en inteligencia artificial.

California struck back at the Trump administration’s plan to weaken automobile emission standards on Tuesday, releasing a plan that would require cars in the state to satisfy its more ambitious fuel efficiency standards if the federal government weakens its own rules.

They are being installed across Great Britain as a part of a national upgrade to our energy system. Smart meters put people in control of their energy use by showing them how much energy they use in pounds and pence via an easy to understand In-Home Display.

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