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Tesla to Raise $1.5B in Debt to Finance Model 3 Rollout, Gigafactory Expansion

Tesla is turning to the junk bond market to help meet its hefty expansion goals. On Monday, the company announced that it’s planning to raise $1.5 billion in its first-ever debt offering to fund production of the Model 3 EV sedan and its Nevada battery Gigafactory.

Los Angeles issues plan to electrify its entire bus fleet

A significant front in California's battle to reduce carbon emissions is the transportation sector. In 2016, Gov. Jerry Brown rolled out an action plan to put 1.5 million zero-emission vehicles on the road by 2025, as one way to meet a suite of greenhouse gas reduction programs under the California Air Resources Board. 

LA Metro will hire a consultant to develop a plan to convert its remaining 168 bus routes to zero-emission buses.

NREL Analysis Shows Clear-Sky Probabilities for the August Solar Eclipse

Hoping to view the August 21, 2017, total solar eclipse? Although the availability of hotel rooms and camping spots along the path of totality may dictate the viewing location for many eclipse chasers, there is another factor to consider: the weather. With that in mind, researchers from NREL's National Solar Radiation Database(NSRDB), working with experts from Solar Resources Solutions, LLC, have created maps showing the probability of clear skies across the entire path of the eclipse.

Achieving 100 Percent Residential Renewables in Hawaii with Solar+Multi-Storage

At the 44th IEEE Photovoltaic Specialty Conference (PVSC-44) on June 29 in Washington, D.C., we presented a paper on our case study based on field data for the past 14 months starting from the June 1, 2016 installation of a 7-kWh solar PV system with a 5.5-kWh inverter from Tabuchi Electric and 10-kWh Li-ion battery. Those components were integrated and tied to the grid in a post-NEM, self-supply mode with no export/selling of excess rooftop solar PV energy back to the utility grid.

Will America’s Epic Eclipse Impact Our Electric Grid?

For about three hours on August 21st, power grid operators across the United States will be confronted with a sudden drop in available electricity, owing to the first coast-to-coast solar eclipse in nearly a century. Power disruptions are not expected, but only because measures are being taken to make up for the sudden energy shortfall. Here’s the amount of solar power the US is expecting to lose and what grid operators are going to do about it.