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Access to Energy Services through Renewable Sources in Latin America & the Caribbean

This report prepared by ARE and commissioned by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) provides valuable reflections and lessons learned on clean energy access projects from the business association perspective. Part of the strategy to reach universal access in the region involves joining forces with other energy access initiatives and networks such as ARE.



Electrification Futures Study: A Technical Evaluation of the Impacts of an Electrified U.S. Energy System

The Electrification Futures Study team has just published the first in a coming series of reports. Electrification Futures Study: End-Use Electric Technology Cost and Performance ProjectionsPDF through 2050 provides estimated cost and performance data for electric technologies considered in the study. The study applies a literature and expert opinion based approach in developing future projections of technology advancement to be used in the EFS scenario analysis. The data can also inform other researchers and analysts exploring electrification.



Insights on auction designs under different market conditions in Europe

The AURES project has published its final report with findings from three years of research on auctions for renewable energy support. Ecofys, a Navigant company, was part of the consortium which generated insights on specific auction designs under different market conditions and policy goals in European countries.



Design the Electricity Market(s) of the Future

The profound transformation of the European electricity system is putting the design of the electricity markets that emerged during the restructuring of the 1990s and early 2000s into question. The need for decarbonisation and the wave of innovation in ICT are affecting the optimal functioning of those markets. New options, such as the ‘privatisation’ of service reliability, are becoming a reality, while some of the solutions adopted in the past, such as the reliance on day-ahead energy-only wholesale markets based on marginal pricing, are no longer sustainable.



Smart City Challenge

With the publication of our report, "Smart City Challenge: Lessons for Building Cities of the Future," we are making good on our promise to share the lessons we learned about the transportation challenges America's cities face and about the innovative solutions that could help us meet those those challenges.



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