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Emerging Storage Technologies for Solar Mini Grids

One major challenge facing solar mini-grids serving low-income rural communities in countries like India, is the absence of durable, cost-effective, high-performance storage solutions. Conventional lead-acid batteries, which are the current default, struggle on multiple fronts. As a step towards addressing this problem, ITT identified a number of high-potential battery technologies currently not on the Indian market, and̶in partnership with Tata PowerDDL̶conducted a series of rigorous tests to determine the technical appropriateness of these batteries for the rural Indian mini-grid context. Three battery types were tested: Advanced lead-acid (ALA), Aqueous hybrid ion (AHI), and Lithium-ion (with lithium-nickel-manganese-cobalt chemistry), along with conventional lead-acid (Absorbent Glass Mat, or AGM) as a benchmark.