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 Private Sector Driven Business Models for Clean Energy Mini-Grids: Lessons learnt from South and South-East-Asia

With this publication, ARE highlights lessons learnt from 11 private sector driven clean mini-grid projects across South and South-East Asia. The purpose is to assist developers with know-how for the development of future projects and to inform investors about what to expect when considering mini-grids in their investment portfolios in this specific region.

Energizing Finance: taking the Pulse 2019

This report presents projected financing needs of enterprises and consumers in order to reach universal energy access by 2030 in three focus countries: Madagascar, the Philippines, and Uganda.

Planning for Power Sector Resilience

As a manual for power sector resilience planning, this guidebook can be used by policymakers, power sector investors, planners, system operators, and other energy-sector stakeholders as a stand-alone resource or shared with participants at stakeholder workshops to facilitate discussions and complete key steps of a power sector resilience planning process.

Assessing Blockchain’s Future in Transactive Energy

This report finds that costs currently outweigh the benefits offered by blockchain as a platform for transactive energy.

Future of wind

 Reducing carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions is at the heart of the world’s accelerating shift from climate-damaging fossil fuels towards clean, renewable forms of energy. In addition to fulfilling the Paris Agreement, renewables are crucial to reduce air pollution, improve health and well-being, and provide affordable energy access worldwide.

Beyond the Grid Overview

Two out of three people in sub-Saharan Africa live without access to electricity. Although many of these people will be connected to the electricity grid in the future, some live in remote areas that will never be connected. Even those who will be connected may face a long wait as the infrastructure build-out tries to keep up with population growth.

Energizing Finance: Understanding the Landscape 2019

This report focuses on 20 developing countries in Sub-Saharan Africa and Asia with some of the world’s largest energy access deficits and that together are home to nearly 80 percent of those living without access—referred to as the high-impact countries (HICs).

A Snapshot of the Electrical Contracting Sector in Europe

This new report from AIE, the European electrical contractors’ association, provides an overview of the sector at European level. It is the first of its kind and shows how wide and diverse electrical contracting can be. This report offers key numbers and insight into the trends and market drivers in electrical works.

Propuestas para la Actualización de la Política Energética de Largo Plazo: UNA MIRADA DESDE EL PROCESO PARTICIPATIVO

Durante 2009, la matriz energética de Chile navegaba entre los efectos de la post-crisis del corte de gas argentino, alzas y volatilidad de precios, riesgos de desabastecimiento, black-out y la proliferación de conflictos socioambientales asociados al desarrollo de proyectos de generación.

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