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ESIF 2018 Annual Report

In 2018, research at the ESIF adapted and aligned to address the challenges that are shaping the electric grid today and into the future. From new types of partnerships, to developments in autonomous energy systems research, to an increased focus on energy security and resilience, it is hard to know everything going on at the ESIF. A great place to start is with the recently published ESIF 2018 Annual Report.

Research at the ESIF in 2018 centered on the multitude of advanced devices that are coming online and transforming our grid to one that is modern, more connected, and more complex. High-impact projects focused on new control paradigms, optimizing voltage control with advanced meter data, and integrating vehicle fleets with new grid technologies. We also launched a new, long-term partnership with Eaton Corp., setting the stage for future collaborations where we can more directly and collectively pursue mutual goals with our partners at the ESIF.