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Climate Action 100+

assesses the ;progress that 161 focus companies, representing over two-thirds of global industrial GHG emissions, have made on climate-related topics, as part of their engagement with the Climate Action 100+ initiative.

Cloud for Business 2019

Adopting cloud technology can transform your business, but finding the best strategy is not always easy. The Cloud for Business special report, published in The Times, explores various cloud business models, what to look for when deciding on a cloud service beyond initial cost, and five ways to make the most of a multi-cloud approach.

Creating Livable Cities: Regional Perspectives

The shift of people from rural areas to cities and urban towns in developing and emerging economies is one of the most profound demographic changes happening globally. Cities all over the world offer significant opportunities to transform human well-being, catalyze economic development, and serve as incubators for new ideas.

Adapt Now: A Global Call for Leadership on Climate Resilience

This report finds that investing $1.8 trillion globally in climate resilience measures from 2020 to 2030 could generate $7.1 trillion in total net benefits.

Preparing for an Electric Vehicle Future: How Utilities Can Succeed

With a forecast of 9.6 million electric vehicle (EV) charging ports required by 2030, utilities need to take a proactive approach to preparing for these new loads. By doing so, utilities will maximize benefits and minimize risk leading to improved customer engagement, growing revenue, reduced system impacts, and more.

Bringing Embodied Carbon Upfront

The World Green Building Council’s pioneering report demands radical cross-sector coordination to revolutionise the buildings and construction sector towards a net zero future, and tackle embodied carbon emissions.

Business Climate Resilience: Thriving Through the Transformation

Published shortly after the landmark report by the Global Commission on Adaptation, WBCSD’s report brings together important global developments and latest thinking on climate adaptation and resilience, with particular focus on private sector climate resilience. It builds on the need for businesses to prepare for both the physical risks that are associated with climate change, as well as the associated transitional risks on the path towards a net-zero economy.

 Global Financial Stability Report

The October 2019 Global Financial Stability Report (GFSR) identifies the current key vulnerabilities in the global financial system as the rise in corporate debt burdens, increasing holdings of riskier and more illiquid assets by institutional investors, and growing reliance on external borrowing by emerging and frontier market economies.

City Business Climate Alliance Guide - Accelerating Climate Action

The City-Business Climate Alliance builds on the successful experience of the London Business Climate Leaders (LBCL), an initiative of C40, CDP, The B Team and the We Mean Business Coalition - which saw the Mayor of London work with leading companies including Derwent London, Sky and Tesco to take action on clean energy, sustainable buildings, clean transport, waste and circular economy – as well as review of 30 city-business partnerships from around the world.

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