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Report on the implementation of the Strategic Plan and the activities of the Union for 2018-2019 (ITU Annual Progress Report)

This Report combines the Annual Activities Report (CV 102) and the Report on the implementation of the Strategic Plan (CV 61; Resolution 71 (Rev. Dubai, 2018).

State and Trends of Carbon Pricing 2019

This report provides an up-to-date overview of existing and emerging carbon pricing instruments around the world, including international, national and subnational initiatives.

Rethinking Innovation for a Sustainable Ocean Economy

This new OECD report on the ocean economy emphasises the growing importance of science and technologies in improving the sustainable economic development of our seas and ocean. Marine ecosystems sit at the heart of many of the world’s global challenges: food, medicines, new sources of clean energy, climate regulation, job creation and inclusive growth.

La naturaleza cambiante del trabajo

 La naturaleza cambiante del trabajo se analiza el modo en que está cambiando el trabajo como resultado de los avances tecnológicos que se registran hoy en día. Los temores de que los robots están asumiendo labores desarrolladas por las personas han dominado el debate sobre el futuro del trabajo, sin embargo, en el Informe sobre el desarrollo mundial 2019 se concluye que esto pareciera ser en general infundado.

Data Collaboration for the Common Good: Enabling Trust and Innovation Through Public-Private Partnerships

This report, done in collaboration with McKinsey and Company, represents a year-long effort with business, government, civil society leaders, experts and practitioners to advance public-private data collaboration to address some of the world’s most pressing humanitarian and sustainable development challenges.

Keeping Temperatures and Emissions Low: A Global Supply-Chain Analysis of Air-Conditioning Compressors

 In the coming years, the air-conditioning industry is projected to grow significantly, particularly in developing regions. As demand for room air conditioners grows, so does the demand for the compressors, a key component of these systems.

Future Skills 2030

Future Skills 2030 is an engaging and interactive mentorship opportunity for students and young professionals to network with industry experts, and gain key skills to pursue a future in sustainability. The ultimate aim is to prepare and equip young people with the skills needed to succeed in the future.

A government perspective: Human Capital Trends 2019

This year’s responses from government leaders call for putting humans at the center of organizational strategy and emphasizing the meaning behind government work. Government leaders can renew their focus on investing in their people in addition to serving the public—treating them as assets and revitalizing their sense of meaning.

Best Environmental Management Practice for the Public Administration Sector

This report describes best environmental management practices for public administrations. Best environmental management practices are those techniques, measures and actions that can be implemented by public administrations to minimise their direct and indirect impact on the environment.

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