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draft OECD Recommendation on Digital Security of Critical Activities

The draft Recommendation provides guidance to governments on how to develop digital security policies for critical activities without inhibiting the benefits from digital transformation. . The draft Recommendation focuses on critical economic and social activities. It does not cover defence and national/international security. It is work in progress at the OECD and its content may be subject to modification, including as a result of this public consultation.

The draft Recommendation has been developed on the basis of an analysis of the responses to a questionnaire circulated in 2016 and 2017 to OECD delegations (“Policies for the Protection of Critical Information Infrastructure (CIIP): Ten Years Later”, see below) and with the support of an informal multistakeholder group of experts. It incorporates input from OECD Members and non-Members, representatives of business and industry, civil society and the Internet technical community, provided through official meetings and written comments.