Tendencias en RI

Assessment of Demand Response and Advanced Metering 2017

This report is the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission staff’s (FERC or Commission staff’s) twelfth annual report on demand response and advanced metering required by section 1252(e)(3) of the Energy Policy Act of 2005 (EPAct 2005). It is based on publicly-available information and discussions with market participants and industry experts.



2018 outlook on power and utilities

Technological, regulatory, and competitive forces lead utility executives to believe their companies will look very different in the next three, five, or 10 years. What will that change look like and how will the industry manage it? Read about the state of the industry and learn ways to harness emerging opportunities in a period of uncertainty in Deloitte’s 2018 Power and Utilities Outlook, a take from Scott Smith, US Power & Utilities leader, Deloitte LLP.



Economía digital en América Latina y el Caribe: Situación actual y recomendaciones

En Latinoamérica, la productividad ha sido identificada en numerosos estudios como una de las principales barreras hacia el desarrollo. La economía digital, y en concreto el ecosistema de nuevas aplicaciones y servicios digitales, puede propiciar un impacto transversal sobre los distintos sectores económicos, con importantes mejoras productivas de eficiencia y de acceso sobre los servicios ofrecidos. Este estudio examina el grado de preparación de los países de la Región y los de la OCDE para desarrollar la economía digital a través del Índice de Desarrollo del Ecosistema de Aplicaciones (IDEA) y analiza el potencial de digitalización de cada sector, de modo que los países prestatarios del Banco puedan identificar áreas de acción clave para maximizar los beneficios asociados a las nuevas tecnologías digitales.



The developing role of blockchain

This White Paper looks at the potential of Blockchain Technology for the energy sector. Although blockchain is gaining wide-spread acknowledgement and use in the sector, there are still a number of uncertainties surrounding the technology and a combination of technological, regulatory and other practical challenges could stall its growth.



10 Hot Consumer Trends 2018

This report presents insights based on Ericsson’s long-standing consumer trends program, now in its seventh year. The quantitative results referred to in the report are based on an online survey of 5,141 advanced internet users in Johannesburg, London, Mexico City, Moscow, New York, San Francisco, São Paulo, Shanghai, Sydney and Tokyo that was carried out in October 2017.