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Developing clean energy solutions in Latin America’s major cities

This publication is intended to help sub-national energy policy decision-makers of major Latin American cities as they look to develop and implement clean energy solutions. We first focus on the reasons why cities have become the primary focus of clean energy solutions, and then reference the key challenges to energy planning faced by major cities with respect to limited technical and financial capacity and complex governance contexts. We outline these and other key challenges and provide illustrative strategies to overcome these challenges. With the background context set, the subsequent sections cover six building blocks to clean energy planningin the context of major cities in Latin America, highlighting some of the ways in which Latin American cities are responding to these challenges.



Grid Modernization: The foundation for climate change progress

We’ve organized this report around six essential capability areas. These capabilities are not completely isolated from each other – in fact, as progress is made in one of these areas, it would likely animate activities across other areas. Environmental Defense Fund believes that any comprehensive grid modernization strategy that makes meaningful progress on climate would involve the pursuit of all of these areas. Bringing together diverse stakeholders—including regulators, grid operators, government agencies, industry providers, and advocates—will ensure a methodical process and create the best opportunity to improve energy system resiliency and efficiency and drive toward a sustainable clean energy future.



Grid Modernization Index 4

The Grid Modernization Index (GMI-4) ranks and analyzes all 50 U.S. states and the District of Columbia, based upon the degree to which they are moving toward a modernized electric grid. The grid is changing to accommodate new cost-effective technologies and evolving consumer expectations. Federal, state, and local policymakers and elected officials are also striving for a cleaner and more reliable grid while ensuring affordable access for all consumers.



Batteries, Exports, and Energy Security

In industry circles numerous reports have been written on the significant potential for storing energy. None to date, however, have directly connected the roll-out of storage systems to specific UK Government policies, or attempted to qualify how policy might impact actual deployment levels. This paper attempts to emphasise the crucial role policy
has in determining the success of this clean tech sector.


Digitalisation & Solar Task Force Report

This report from the SolarPower Europe Digitalisation & Solar Task Force is the first of its kind to look specifically at the intersection of solar PV and digitalisation and assess how new digital technology can be applied to solar. It seeks to answer how the PV market can make the most of the opportunities of digitalisation, and how digitalisation can be a driverfor more solar deployment.