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Life Cycle Analysis of the Climate Impact of Electric Vehicles

The lifecycle environmental impacts of electric cars are a topic of increasing controversy often originating from biased publications and misused reports. This report considers the life cycle performance of conventional and electric vehicles in Europe. BEVs have significant lower impact on climate change and urban air quality, compared to conventional vehicles.



Cost of energy: independent review

The cost of energy is too high, and higher than necessary to meet the Climate Change Act (CCA) target and the carbon budgets. Households and businesses have not fully benefited from the falling costs of gas and coal, the rapidly falling costs of renewables, or from the efficiency gains to network and supply costs which come from smart technologies. Prices should be falling, and they should go on falling into the medium and longer terms. Households and businesses have not benefited as much as they should because of legacy costs, policies and regulation, and the continued exercise of market power.



How Developing Countries Can Get the Most Out of Direct Investment

How Developing Countries Can Get the Most Out of Direct Investment The report’s groundbreaking survey of 754 executives of multinational corporations investing in developing countries finds that—in addition to political stability, security, and macroeconomic conditions—a business-friendly legal and regulatory environment is the key driver of investment decisions. The report also explores the potential of FDI to create new growth opportunities for local fi rms; assesses the effectiveness of fi scal incentives in attracting FDI; analyzes the characteristics of FDI originating in developing countries.



SEPA and Navigant release 2017 Utility Demand Response Market Snapshot

The Smart Electric Power Alliance (SEPA) has captured the breadth and scope of change in DR programs and policies across the country in its new report, the 2017 Utility Demand Response Market Snapshot, written in partnership with Navigant Research. Joining SEPA’s 2017 Utility Solar and Energy Storage Market Snapshots, the report analyzes 2016 annual data on demand response programs, submitted by more than 100 utilities. It also provides updates on DR participation in wholesale markets, and outlines key and emerging market trends.



How to integrate a substancial amount of renewables, maintain security of supply and foster efficient markets?

This policy paper is an update of ENTSO-E’s 2016 paper on regional cooperation, and a response to the new proposals of the Clean Energy Package. The paper is largely aligned with the European Parliament’s draft report on Energy Union Governance, and it is the next logical step following up on ENTSO-E’s paper on policy regions.