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Bridging the rural digital divide

This document examines recent policy and technology approaches to bridging the digital divide in rural and remote areas in OECD countries. First, it discusses issues related to assessing broadband gaps, defining speeds and establishing national targets. Second, it describes policies being implemented to improve both access and uptake, such as fostering competition, promoting national, rural and community-led broadband initiatives, supporting open access policies and reducing deployment costs. Finally, it briefly reviews technological developments that are likely to influence the provision of services in underserved areas. Experience in OECD countries with fibre optics, coaxial cable, copper, fixed and mobile wireless, satellites and hybrid approaches, as well as with emerging technologies, are used to illustrate some of the technological trends discussed. This document also includes a summary of common challenges and good practices to bring improved communication services to individuals and communities in rural and remote areas.



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En esta edición se busca tender puentes y fomentar el diálogo entre los profesionales de la potencia eléctrica y los científicos sociales que ofrecen perspectivas fundamentales a nuestra base de clientes.



Revista CIER 75

La presente edición y la siguiente están dedicadas al V Congreso CIER de la Energía 2017: “Energía Sostenible para todos en el entorno de una Sociedad Inteligente”, evento realizado del 28 de noviembre al 1 de diciembre de 2017 en la ciudad de Medellín. En las mismas encontrarán los trabajos premiados de las distintas temáticas en que se organizó el mismo.



Securing industrial control systems (ICS) is a critical factor in ensuring the overall information security of critical facilities and infrastructure. Many efforts have been made to promote ICS security: governments are developing regulatory frameworks, computer emergency response teams (CERT) are issuing bulletins, and ICS vendors are gaining awareness that vulnerabilities in their products can cause loss of lucrative contracts and even lives.


Cybersecurity in a Distributed Energy Future

Cybersecurity is a growing issue for the global economy, and particularly for the critical infrastructure that the world’s energy systems depend on. As the electricity sector becomes more dynamic, advanced and intelligent energy technologies are expected to deliver many benefits, but according to a new white paper from the Advanced Energy Economy Institute (AEEI), it will also face challenges to maintain security.