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Energy in the UK 2017

Energy in the UK details the industry’s contribution to the UK economy. It also details the growing competition in the retail market and the help given to vulnerable customers.



Vulnerable consumers in the retail energy market: 2017

This report presents a view of the extent to which vulnerable consumers are experiencing positive outcomes in the retail energy market. We have drawn on 2016 social obligations data, discussions with suppliers, consumer research and cases from the Citizens Advice Extra Help Unit. We examine trends relating to debt levels and debt repayment rates, prepayment meters, disconnections and support for vulnerable consumers in England, Scotland and Wales.



Efficiency First: Reinventing the UK’s Energy System

Efficiency First means more than just strong dedicated energy efficiency policy; it is a principle applied to policymaking, planning, and investment in the energy sector. Put simply, it prioritises investments in efficiency resources whenever they would cost less, or deliver more value, than investing in energy infrastructure, fuels, and supply.
This policy brief explains the concept of Efficiency First and shows how it can be applied in the UK context providing a number of examples. In particular, we focus on Efficiency First in the context of policy decisions that will be made over the next years, including the design of a new able-to-pay energy efficiency programme, energy network regulation, infrastructure spending, revisions of the capacity mechanism, and the levy control framework.



Implications of the Data Exchange on the Connected Car Business Models

The key differentiator for IoT is the data collected and the use of this data to improve business operations, products, support, and customer experience. Many companies have already connected their equipment or assets and begun collecting data. The challenge is how to leverage the data to realize the true benefits of IoT, not only for the companies’ specific uses, but also to extend the information to auxiliary businesses. There will be two key components to evolving IoT to its true potential. In this white paper, discover the two key components and how a data exchange can be used to realize both components.



2017 Global Blockchain Benchmarking Study

The first global blockchain benchmarking study presents a systematic and comprehensive picture of a rapidly evolving industry, examining how blockchain and distributed ledger technology (DLT) are being used in the public sector and enterprise. The study analysed non-publicly available data gathered from over 200 central banks, other public sector institutions, DLT start-ups, and established companies. Findings from the study include which protocols central banks and are testing (57% of surveyed central banks are experimenting with the Ethereum codebase), targeted use cases, emerging revenue models, timing of deployment, and key challenges.