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Cyber crime costs 2017

Over the last two years, the accelerating cost of cyber crime means that it is now 23 percent more than last year and is costing organizations, on average, US$11.7 million. Whether managing incidents themselves or spending to recover from the disruption to the business and customers, organizations are investing on an unprecedented scale—but current spending priorities show that much of this is misdirected toward security capabilities that fail to deliver the greatest efficiency and effectiveness.



Vodafone IoT Barometer 2017/18

The Barometer is an in-depth global study into how enterprises are using IoT technologies. IoT connects objects, turning them into “intelligent” assets that can communicate with people, applications and each other. It enables things like cars, buildings and machines to communicate about their status and environment. Other terms include machine-to-machine (M2M), Industrial Internet of Things and Industry 4.0. Often, instead of the technology, people talk about specific applications, such as: smart cities, connected vehicles, smart grid, smart meters, smart homes, connected health and so much more.


State of IoT Security

The rise of IoT is driving increasing concern about the threat of cyber attacks at home and work. This trend has sparked a security concern across the globe with companies and consumers as smart devices like baby monitors, smart speakers, smart watches or thermostats potentially provide a gateway into users’ home or workplace networks.



¡Atención, Seguridad Digital en Construcción!

Participa hasta el 11 de diciembre de 2017

El Modelo Nacional de Gestión de Riesgos de Seguridad Digital se está construyendo con el objetivo de que las entidades públicas, privadas y mixtas, operadores de infraestructuras críticas cibernéticas y la ciudadanía en general identifiquen sus riesgos, en el entorno digital, para tomar decisiones acertadas que permitan aumentar la confianza en el uso y aprovechamiento de este entorno. Y para lograr nuestro objetivo, el Ministerio de Tecnologías de las Información y las Comunicaciones, a través de la Dirección de Gobierno Digital, convoca a los ciudadanos para que nos den su opinión frente al tema. Queremos conocer las ideas y propuestas de los ciudadanos y de todos los grupos de interés, con el fin de construir un modelo útil, que impulse la prosperidad económica y social del país, mediante el uso de un entorno digital seguro.



The Strategic Energy Technology (SET) Plan

The remainder of this chapter outlines the SET Plan milestones since its birth in 2007. Chapter 2 illustrates the key role of R&I in the energy transition by presenting relevant examples of technological progress achieved over the last decade across the 14 low-carbon energy technology sectors the SET Plan covers. Chapter 3 presents the first three implementation plans which identify R&I activities to achieve strategic targets endorsed by the SET Plan community in 2016. The final chapter concludes this publication with the envisioned way forward.