Tendencias en RI

Renewable Power Generation Costs in 2017

Renewable energy has emerged as an increasingly competitive way to meet new power generation needs. This comprehensive cost report from the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) highlights the latest trends for each of the main renewable power technologies, based on the latest cost and auction price data from projects around the world.



Energy R&I financing and patenting trends in the EU: Country dashboards 2017

The report monitors the progress made by EU Member States concerning three key indicators identified in the Integrated Strategic Energy Technology Plan Communication, namely the level of investment in Energy R&I (both in the private and public sectors) and trends in patents. To do so, a collection of country dashboards are presented containing the relevant information, summarised for each EU Member State and SET Plan action, providing a quick overview of each EU Member State within the European framework. The information presented is produced according to the JRC in-house methodology for monitoring R&I in Low Carbon Energy Technologies and is consistent with the R&I indicators included in the 3rd State of the Energy Union Report.



How Does Electric Transmission Benefit You?

WIRES submits this LEI analysis for consideration by planners, policy makers, regulators, and all persons interested in how to ensure a robust North American grid that will sustain and grow economies as they become increasingly dependent on electric power and new technologies in areas like manufacturing, transportation, personal comfort, convenience, and security during the coming decades.


State Engagement in Electric Distribution System Planning

The report covers are state approaches to planning distribution systems and grid modernization investments, analyzing non-wires alternatives to traditional distribution system investments, identifying capacity of distribution systems to integrate distributed energy resources such as rooftop solar, and assessing the benefits of these resources by location.



Build Back Better: Reimagining and Strengthening the Power Grid of Puerto Rico

The Working Group offers a roadmap outlining short-term, mid-term and longer-term actions to implement resiliency and hardening measures that are designed to increase the capability of Puerto Rico’s electric power grid to withstand future storms. The recommendations include the modernization of the Puerto Rico electric grid, leveraging proven power system technologies to better contain outages, reduce recovery times, lower operation costs, and enable more sustainable energy resources that will reduce reliance on imported fuel.