37 Tesla big battery is changing the way people think about the grid

The arrival of grid-scale battery storage in Australia was a long time coming, and a little time tweeted, but the presence of the world’s biggest lithium-ion battery in South Australia, and its performance in its first few months is every bit as exciting as its boosters hoped – and its detractors feared.

Europe’s Electricity Networks Are Underused and Can Cope with Electric Cars

Electricity distribution networks in Europe run at well below their full potential, finds a new study from the Regulatory Assistance Project (RAP). The findings show that the unused network capacity could be utilised for charging electric vehicles with little or no need for additional capacity. Smart pricing and smart grid technologies will be the keys.

Microgrids Will Disrupt the Energy Industry of the Near Future

There is no longer any room for doubt — our climate is changing and it’s largely our fault. Thankfully, the sciences have done what they do best and provided us with several short- and long-term measures to help us stop and eventually reverse the trend of ever-higher average temperatures across the globe.

Washington regulators insist on smart meter opt-outs

State regulators have issued a formal policy statement guiding Washington’s investor-owned electric and natural gas utilities in the roll out of advanced metering technologies, or “smart meters,” for residential customers. The Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission (UTC) determined companies will need to offer residential customers the ability to opt out of advanced meter installation to address customer concerns over the implementation of  smart meters.

Eight priorities of Smart City Builders

What is a smart city? In a previous article, we described it as a city that uses technology extensively to achieve key outcomes for its various stakeholders, including residents, businesses, municipal organizations and visitors. We also described the Smart City Ecosystem Framework, a model for building and planning smart cities. In this article, we will identify the eight things that smart city builders must focus on.