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Energía que transforma

This document presents a progress report on regulatory frameworks for innovation in electricity infrastructure. It follows up on the conclusions of the Energy Infrastructure Forum 2019.

Energy in the UK 2020 illustrates the sector’s huge contribution to both the UK economy and reducing emissions – and the next steps needed as part of the energy transition. While looking


Con Edison is excited to present its third distributed system implementation plan (“DSIP”) to increase customer choice and promote a sustainable and clean energy future.  

Water systems in California are a major electricity user, and electricity costs represent a significant portion of water utilities’ operating costs. Water and wastewater utilities have the

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A concise, practical, and readable overview of artificial intelligence and machine learning technology designed for non-technical managers, officers, and executives.

Federal facilities are increasingly adopting automation and connecting to the Internet creating an energy-internet-of-things environment that converges operational technology (OT) and information


This report provides an analysis of the main cybersecurity related incidents in the EU and worldwide from January 2019 to April 2020.

Cyber espionage is considered both a threat and a motive in the cybersecurity playbook. It is defined as ‘the use of computer networks to gain illicit access to confidential information,

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Convergencia y sostenibilidad

The guide, ‘Connecting your Fleet’, provides clear advice to help London businesses understand the impact of EV charging on power supply and explains options to minimise the cost and complexity


La Guía brinda una visión compartida acerca de la relación entre los ODS y la actividad empresarial, firmada por los altos ejecutivos de las diez empresas latinoamericanas asociadas al WBCSD. El


This report investigates banks’ climate-related financial risks and their exposure to a disorderly transition.

Andesco es el gremio que reúne a todos los servicios públicos y eso hace que tengamos una vocería para ser oídos por el Gobierno.

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