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 The Future of Utilities Report 2020

Now in its second year, the survey-based Future of Utilities Report provides a strategic overview of the most pressing issues facing the utilities industry at this time. With fundamental challenges and great opportunities ahead, this report provides a snapshot of an industry on the cusp of huge transformational change.

Assessment and roadmap for digital transformation of the energy sector towards an innovative internal energy market

The study focuses on an overview of the European Commission’s digitalisation policies, on the assessment of ten selected use cases which can be enabled by further actions removing hampering factors, on the design of four policy scenarios depicting such further actions and, finally, on a roadmap identifying timelines for both actions and implementation.

Nordic Technology

National NZEB values are challenging to be compared because of differences in primary energy factors, energy flows included and input data. A reference apartment building was set up to benchmark NZEB requirements against European Commission’s NZEB recommendation. Only one national requirement out of four complied with the recommendation whereas the other ones showed significant deviation by the factor of 1.3 – 1.7.

Panorama Energético de América Latina y el Caribe  2019

La Organización Latinoamericana de Energía (Olade) pone a disposición la publicación Energy Outlook of Latin America and the Caribbean 2019 (Panorama Energético 2019), versión en inglés, que presenta la información más relevante del sector energético de los Países Miembros de la Organización, así como información agregada a nivel subregional y regional para América Latina y El Caribe.

Evaluating the economic return to public wind energy research and development in the United States

The U.S. government has invested in wind energy research since 1976. Building on a literature that has sought to develop and apply methods for retrospective benefit-to-cost evaluation for federal research programs, this study provides a quantitative analysis of the economic social return on these historical wind energy research investments. Importantly, the study applies multiple innovative methods and varies important input parameters to test the sensitivity of the results.

Power system organisational structures for the renewable energy era

The world’s existing electricity systems were designed mainly for conventional, centralised power generation. Large plants have generated the bulk of electricity, frequently based on fossil fuels, and dispatched it to consumers based on relatively inflexible schedules.

Grid still failing access in India

According to a new report by Initiative for Sustainable Energy Policy, despite improved access to electricity in rural Jharkhand, affordability, quality and reliability challenges persist.

Foresight 20/20: Grid Edge

Wood Mackenzie's Foresight 20/20 series offers analysis and predictions about the decade ahead. Fill in the form on this page to get our full analysis of the grid edge market market over the past decade and predictions for the 2020s.

Renewable energy finance: Institutional capital

Large institutions such as investment banks, insurance companies, and pension funds are a vital source of capital for the transformation of the global energy system. Governments and the private sector need to work together to mobilise institutional capital for renewable energy investment.

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