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 Dawn of the Utility Microgrid: The Path to a Profitable Future

So how can utilities continue to fulfill their service reliability obligations of today, while also integrating the distributed energy and up-and-coming technologies of tomorrow?

Rapid Microgrid Deployments for Emergency Preparedness: Powering Field Hospitals for COVID-19 and Beyond

Bloom Energy is working quickly to launch microgrid deployments and solutions to power existing and temporary hospitals while they care for COVID-19 patients.

Quantitative Analysis of Resource Adequacy Structures

NYSERDA and NYDPS retained Brattle to evaluate several alternative resource adequacy constructs that differ primarily in who administers them and how Buyer‐Side Mitigation (BSM) is applied; this deck presents estimates of the differences in customer costs.

 Microgrids for Hospitals and Healthcare

Microgrids for hospitals are installed to ensure they’ll have electricity when a storm or other disaster disrupts the flow of utility-supplied electricity.

Opportunities for Public Infrastructure Microgrids: Protecting our Critical Facilities

Local governments, military officials, university heads, utilities, water and waste facilities, as well as executives overseeing hospitals, transit, airports, and port authorities are exploring the feasibility of microgrids for their operations and seeking relevant examples to emulate.

Decarbonized Resilience: Assessing Alternatives to Diesel Backup Power

Improved resilience has emerged as a top priority for the U.S. power grid.  Efforts to mitigate wildfire risk in Northern California last year led to hundreds of thousands of electricity customers being disconnected from the grid.  During hurricane season, customers in the Eastern and Southern U.S. often face the associated threat of multi-day power outages.

Healthcare Facilities and Power Outages

This document provides guidance and resources on improving healthcare facility resilience to power outages. Resilience is the backbone of emergency management. The Nation’s ability to weather storms and disasters without experiencing loss significantly reduces our risk.

Solar Heat Worldwide 2020

Our annual statistics report, Solar Heat Worldwide, details the positive impact of solar heating and cooling technologies on climate protection.

Energy-Market Payment Options for Demand Response in Ontario

The Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO) is currently discussing whether and how energy market payments for demand response (DR) resource activation should apply in the Ontario market. The IESO asked us to inform ongoing stakeholder discussions about whether and how such payments for DR resources should apply in Ontario.

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