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Estándar Ciberseguridad Sector Eléctrico Nacional, Chile

El Estándar de Ciberseguridad establece requisitos y medidas de control para el resguardo de la seguridad cibernética aplicables al sector eléctrico,

 One Digital World eBook

It won’t be long before success is measured by how well an industry or community system applies digital innovation. This eBook delivers expert perspectives on how leaders are using advanced communications to fast-track their connected future and capture the value of 5G & IoT innovation in our communities, across highways and mobility systems, in our workforces, and on our electric grid.
Through connectivity, better use of data, and a growing world of internet of things (IoT) technologies, industries, businesses, and communities are accelerating their connected future.

Insights from the edge fueling solutions for the edge

Remember when generating data from edge devices was a new concept? It wasn’t that long ago.

ACE IOT Solutions Threat Profile

Cybersecurity researchers from the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) have recently published a Threat Profile of ACE IoT Solutions’ commercial deployment of the Eclipse VOLTTRON platform.

Reporte Ciberseguridad 2020: riesgos, avances y el camino a seguir en América Latina y el Caribe

Este reporte brinda un panorama detallado y actualizado de las políticas y prácticas de ciberseguridad en los países de América Latina y el Caribe, ofreciendo una perspectiva sobre el progreso alcanzado desde su primera edición en 2016. Incluye ensayos sobre las tendencias de la seguridad cibernética en la región, aportados por reconocidos expertos internacionales.

5G security – a new approach to build digital trust

Build the four key requirements of digital trust to make a success of 5G

The causes and consequences of mobile money taxation

Mobile money taxation is a controversial subject. On the one hand mobile money has been something of a development success story in those countries where it has taken hold. On the other, developing countries face a range of issues when it comes to raising sufficient revenue to fund public services.

Enabling Air Traffic Management (ATM) data services : main takeaways from the second virtual workshop

Over the past two years (2018-2019) European aviation has been confronted with serious capacity challenges and high levels of delay. Subsequently, the Covid-19 pandemic has revealed that the European airspace system lacks resilience and the ability to absorb demand shocks, be these in the form of increases or drops in air traffic. The provision of Air Traffic Management (ATM) data services holds the potential to boost the system’s resilience while enabling the development of virtual centers.

The post-pandemic global telco environment

Deloitte’s Center for the Long View (CLV) used a proprietary mix of AI-driven research analysis and interviews with telco experts to develop the four likely future scenarios. The two most important axes in determining scenario outcomes were the ability to monetize critical infrastructure and the dominant customer interface. Telecommunications executives should use these as a guide to the possibilities, and work to future-proof their companies.

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