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Future of authentication

With 60 per cent of hacking incidents now involving the use of stolen credentials, how can companies use authentication to provide additional protection? Our Future of Authentication special report, published in The Times, examines the growth of the authentication sector as data breaches and cyber attacks persist.

Implementing co-investment and network sharing

This CERRE report investigates the benefits and drawbacks of telecom infrastructure sharing. The authors have analysed the practice in 12 European countries* and provide recommendations to fairly and efficiently implement co-investment & network sharing agreements in Europe.

 Keeping the Internet up and running in times of crisis

As mobility restrictions are enforced to contain the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), more and more of the estimated 1.3 billion citizens of OECD countries are working and studying from home; and critical international policy co-ordination is now being conducted online in fora such as the G7 or G20.

 Roadmap on the cooperation between CSIRTS and LE

The purpose of this roadmap is to further explore the cooperation across computer security incident response teams (CSIRTs) in particular with national and governmental - law enforcement (LE) and the Judiciary (prosecutors and judges).

Engineer's Guide to Data Collection & Insights for IIoT Initiatives

The root of all these digital transformation efforts is data collection. Topics covered in this new eBook include:

 Identifying and measuring developments in artificial intelligence

This paper identifies and measures developments in science, algorithms and technologies related to artificial intelligence (AI). Using information from scientific publications, open source software (OSS) and patents, it finds a marked increase in AI-related developments over recent years.

An overview on enhancing technical cooperation between CSIRTs and LE

This report aims to support the cooperation between CSIRTs - in particular, national and governmental CSIRTs, LEAs and the Judiciary – in particular, prosecutors and judges, in their fight against cybercrime, by providing information on the technical aspects of the cooperation, identifying current shortcomings, and formulating and proposing recommendations on technical aspects to enhance the cooperation.

 The Intelligence of Things Tracker

The Intelligence of Things Tracker® showcases companies that are leading the way in all aspects of IoT. Every month, the Tracker looks at what these companies are doing across the ecosystem and in several categories, including Personal, Home, Retail, Transportation, Wearable, Mobile, Infrastructure, Data and more.

Lessons from leaders to master cybersecurity execution

Cyberattacks are commonplace. They can have a massive impact on organizations, as well as their customers, partners, employees and the bottom line. Many organizations are finding it hard to reconcile the level of their cybersecurity innovation investments with the cyber resilience outcomes for their business. Even worse, choosing the wrong strategy to invest in cybersecurity technologies can cost the organization far more than wasted cash; it can damage an organization’s brand, reputation, and future prosperity.

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